Free and Fair Trade and Mixturism

Mr. Cramer of Mad Money and Mr. Kudlow of the Kudlow Report do not know S from S.They said that if Scott Brown got elected, the stock market would go  through the roof; but the DOW went down over 400 points. Cudlow and Cramer are both about  as smart as a box of rocks. CNBC of NBC owned by General Electric ought to give  Nancy Pelosi equal time. These two Republican Ideologues give very poor advice. Cramer may be the  most trusted man on wall street, but that isn’t saying a lot. Kudlow’s Free Market Capitalism needs to be  replaced with Carroll’s Free and Fair Trade Mixturism: Business and Government working together to meet the needs and desires of all the people. If these two idiots, Kudlow and Cramer don’t know that Government has an important role to play, they should get off of TV. If we are going to get rid of this kind of stupid grabage, we need to go after the big corporations that pay for it, like General Electric. The life blood of  the media is advertising.

 I have no faith in Investor’s Business Daily and the Wall Street Journal. They are just Republican Journals.