Why? Jobs, Jobs, Jobs

Why should 9.4 % of the American people have to wait for better economic times? If it only takes 90 % 0f the work force to produce all the goods and services people need, cut the number of hours worked by making businesses pay double time for all hours over 36 hours worked per week. Tax the rich, spend more, give it to the
poor. They will spend it and the rich will get it back with a profit. Why can’t the Treasury Department create the new money needed to put people to work building and repairing the infrastructure instead of allowing the Federal Reserve to create new money and give it to the Devil damn banks?

The states need new money. They gave up their right to create new money when they became part of the United States of America. The states need to set up an electronic banking system and pay all of its bills with electronic credit cards. Money is the medium of exchange. It has no real value. Goods and services have real value.