Mubarak should leave with shame. He stole billions while the poor live in graveyards and garbage dumps. He has no shame. When is the world going to stop letting these creeps have dignity? They deserve nothing but shame!
Any country that can not provide all of its people a way to earn a living has nothing to be proud of. Why should 90 % have jobs and the rest not have a job when the problem of unemployment is so easy to solve by creating
a Reserve-Retraining Workforce? Every person lives now-not some time in the future. How dumb can world, so called leaders, be? America borrows money from China when she could create her own money and put people to work building and repairing the infrastructure. But how do you get past idiots like Ron Paul, Alan Simpson and their kind. If the Federal Reserve can create money for the Devil Damn Banks, why can it not create money and pay down the national debt? What devalues money is when you have people unemployed that could be producing goods and services which have real value. Money is the medium of exchange, not the commodity.