REPUBLICANS TRYING TO DESTROY TEACHERS RIGHTS TO COLLECTIVE BARGAINING AND TENURE: Republicans are like the dictators of the Middle East. They believe only in rights for big business. They want to let school board members pick school teachers like they did before tenure and collective bargaining! Now is the time for people who care about democracy to rise up against the republican. The governors of Tennessee and Wisconsin are good examples of the enemies of teachers. Neither one of these governors know what subjects a high school education consist of, or what the objective of each course are, or have a plan for reaching the objectives. They should read the book by James M. Carroll: The Problems with Education Are Administrative. The path to success has been lighted from the beginning of time: objective, plan, Action. The Department of Education in Washington DC, the Department of Education of the 50 states do not know what the objective of an education are, nor do they have a plan to reach the objectives. All they do is whine about something they know nothing about.
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