If the former Governor of New York, Eliot Spintzer, who has a show on CNN News, had to step down for having an affair with a prostitute, why shouldn’t Little Scottie Walker of Winconsin step down? He is a liar and a republican hell bent on destroying rights of public employees to collective bargaining.
While the people of the Middle East struggle for
freedom, we have the Mubaraks and Gaddafis of
Wisconsin, New Jersey, Ohio, and Tennessee trying to take away the freedom of the working people of America. What good is democracy if you don’t have it at the work place? Freedom has to be won every day and fought for when a republican is in control. These people with small minds are nothing by pawns of the rich. Working people and the unemployed should take to the streets of the rich if they want to win. All of these elected republicans representatives live in rich neighborhoods. Those are the streets where you need to be if you are going to get their attention. Copy this article and send it to the world and your friends and ask them to visit the Internet Free Press.