America will never be able to solve her problems
as long as she allows big business to mop up any
money she put into the economy by raising prices
and calling it inflation which is a euphemism for theft.
America is a republic. Sovereign power is vested in elected representatives. The Constitution does not say we have to have an Uncontrolled Free Market Capitalist System. It calls for a mixed system of public and private enterprise which I call Mixturism. America is blinded by the antiquated ideas taught in economics 101. She is letting China eat her lunch while republicans take the country down the wrong road of honest ignorance. China buys America’s debt with paper that America doesn’t need. She can create her own. America’s one industry banking system that ties the hands of the Federal Government from putting money where it is needed to put every one to work is the biggest problem of all. It needs to be nationalized.
America is locked into a “mind-set” that will destroy her. She needs to replace Economic 101 with Nature’s Basic Law of Economic and The Philosophy of Mixturism. Email this article to the every one you know and ask them to visit the Internet Free Press for more comprehensive articles.