Rep. Peter King should consider these facts
before he investigates Muslims unless he intends
to investigate Jews: Jews have 13 senators and 45
house members, Muslims have only two converted
Muslims in the House of Representatives, of the 12
Federal Reserve District Banks, the presidents of 8 of them are Jews– none are Muslims, the Chairman of the Federal Reserve is a Jew, all Chairmans of the Federal for the last 40 years have been Jews except for a 17 month period, a
Muslim has never been chairman, The Secretary of Treasure is Jew, there has never been a Muslim Secretary
of the Treasury. Jews control the banking industry. Jews control the News Media such as ; The Washington Post, the New York Times, Time Magazine, CNN News, TV Networks
and host of other News Media and Entertainment Corporations, Muslims own none. Mr. King you may be surprised to find out who controls America. It is not 5 million Muslims, but 6 million Jews that control America and America’s foreign policy. I doubt if Rep. Peter King
has the courage, guts or integrity to touch a Jew with a ten foot pole. Even Anderson Cooper wouldn’t touch it
with a 100 foot pole. He would get fired in a ‘heart beat’ if he did. Email this article and web site to all the media and
all your friends and relatives. Come to the Internet Free Press every day.