SHE DOESN’T HAVE TO BE EITHER. SHE JUST NEEDS TO THROW ECONOMICS 101 OUT THE WINDOW, AND REPLACE IT WITH NATURE’S BASIC LAW OF ECONOMICS AND THE PHILOSOPHY OF MIXTURISM. NATURE’S BASIC LAW OF ECONOMICS recognizes that there are two kinds of resources from which all goods and services flow. Money is the medium of exchange which should always be available to bring these two resources together which would produce an equal amount of value to the new money created. It would be great if Fareed Zakaria and David Von Drehle could get out of the box of Economics 101 long enough to see it. The father of Capitalism, Adam Smith, tried to tell the Mercantilist of his day that it
wasn’t gold and silver that real wealth consisted of but goods and services. To have people unemployed when they could be producing real wealth is the epitome of ignorance
produce by the minds of people like David Von Drehle and Fareed Zakaria. When people resources work with natural resources real wealth is created: goods and services. Article 1, Section 8, of the Constitution give the Federal Government the power to created money and regulated the value there of. America is a Republic. Sovereign power is vested in representatives elected by the people. The Constitution does not say that we have to
have an Uncontrolled Free Market Capitalist System and a One Industry Banking system that controls the valve
to the life blood of all businesses that prevents the Federal Government from putting money where ever
it is needed to bring people resources and natural resources together. The Constitution calls for a system of
private and public enterprise working together to meet the needs and desires of all the people: The Philosophy of Mixturism. Get a free copy of Mixturism at the Internet Free Press. Click on the link in the right column.