Who cares what Israel thinks ? She is not worth a plug nickel to America. We can’t use her for anything in the Middle East. We have to put her in a box when conflict break out.

Israel has to much control over America. Jews control the Banking System in America which controls the Life Blood of all businesses. Eight of the twelve President of the Federal Reserve District Banks are Jews. The Chairman of the Federal Reserve is a Jew. The Sec. of the Treasury is a Jew. Thirteen United States
Senators are Jews. Forty five House Members are Jews.The News Media is owned by Jews. This is only a beginning of their control and influence.

If The United Nations can create the State of Israel, Why can’t it create a Palestinian State?

Why does every American politician have to declare ten times their support of Israel? Why
don’t they just go ahead and say God bless the United States of Israel?

If President Obama was as committed to solving the problems of the unemployed in America
as he is to the Jewish State of Israel and the Jews that control America, he would have no
problem creating a Reserve-Retraining Work Force which would once and for all times solve
the unemployment problem. Copy and email to the News Media, friends,etc.;Invite them to
read more at the Internet Free Press.

America definitely has a state religion: The Judo-Christian Religion.

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