There should be a National Disaster Insurance Policy of the United States of America that
replace all people lose due to tornadoes, floods, earthquakes or any kind of a disaster caused by Nature.

All people would pay an amount of money necessary to pay for replacing what Nature
takes away when they pay their income tax each year. Paying high interest rates to
banks so people can get loans to rebuild when they can’t pay the loans they already have
is a disaster. We can and should do better than that.

America is a republic. The Constitution calls for a mixed system of public and private
enterprise. Public enterprise has as much right to exist as private enterprise. The
uncontrolled Free Market Capitalist may have the upper hand since they have the money to
elect the majority of representatives to Congress. They act like public enterprise has no right
to exist. There are things that only the Federal Government can do like provide a National
Disaster Insurance Plan that protect all the people all the time. Explore the Internet
Free Press and learn.

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