It doesn’t matter whether the wind is blowing east or west the true value of a share of stock is worth the PE Ratio. Too much attention is given to the stock market as far as the economy is concerned. Wall Street is a gambling house, period. It is just a tug of war between the bulls and the bears that no one in their right mind should pay any attention to, much less the Federal Government.

Over 30 million small businesses filed a tax return with the IRS last year. These businesses are the bedrock of the American private enterprise system. They are the job creators while less than 10 thousand public traded corporations hoard their profits in cyberspace instead of spending them to put people to work or give the profits back to the share holder who the profits belong to. Screw Wall Street and public traded corporations.

The Federal Government needs to take the gold at Fort Knox and make loans directly to people who want to start a business that will employ at least two people. The only way to get a loan at the bank to start a business is have a credit score of 1048 and ten times the collateral that you want to borrow.

The Banking Industry controls the valve to the live blood of all businesses, and we call America
a fee enterprise system. We need to Nationalize the Banking Industry so money can be put wherever it is needed to create jobs.

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