The bigger the Government means more money for private business since they get all the money Governments spend one way or the other. Governments do not compete with private business. Governments need to recycle the money because money in motion is what keeps goods and services moving that peoples hands and minds produce.

Government needs to be big enough to bail-out or put the train back on track when the Free Market Uncontrolled Capitalist wreck it.

Smart business people know that the bigger the Government -the better.

Government job is to guarantee the rights of all citizens, provide for their defense, level the playing field, keep a balanced money supply, and not let business devalue the money supply with a price marker.

Governments need to take more money from the rich and give it to the poor. The poor will spend it, and the rich will get it back with a profit.

Who gets the money from food stamps? The supermarkets. The food markets. The Farmers. The consumer makes Capitalism work. The Government does not waste the taxpayers money. The Government puts the money in motion exchanging goods and services which fuels the economy and makes money for the Capitalist.

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