We need a Department of Consumer Affairs.  There are 15 Departments of Government, and not one of them represents the consumer. WE CAN FORM OUR OWN: PEOPLE POWER PRICE CONTROL.

All the oil companies change prices at the same time. We can target the giant, Exxon Mobil, the rest will get the message. Just pass up Exxon Mobil and get your gas on the other side of the street or on down the road. With a little effort, we can get big results. We need to fight back at the pump.

Let big oil take the loss if they can’t negotiate a better deal with OPEC. They are the only ones to blame. It is time to stop the BS about who is to blame for high oil prices. Who changes the prices? That shouldn’t be to hard to figure out.

Inflation is an euphemism for theft. We can stop it! Get this message out. Put it on Facebook, Twitter and Email it to the News Media and your friend. It can be the shot heard around the world with your help! We don’t have to take it. We can target them one at a time. Visit the Internet Free Press. I will keep you posted.

The oil companies are fixing prices. If they don’t, why do all the gasoline prices change at the same time? Isn’t this a violation of the law? Small businesses have competition. Big corporations fix prices together and change them in-lock-step. People Power Price Control can fight back and win without a lot of effort. People Power Price Control can take on the Collective Monopolies one at a time and win. A Collective Monopoly is one  of ten or less corporations that control over 90 percent of the business in a single industry. Less than ten corporations control over 90 percent of the oil business in America.

In order to avoid buying any Exxon Mobil, You will need to buy gasoline only where the sign of the oil company is displayed. A lot of independent convenient stores buy their gas from Exxon Mobil, but do not display the Exxon Mobil Sign. Buy whatever they sell, but don’t buy their gasoline.

People Power Price Control Can Win with very little effort. People Power Price Control can stop the BIG THREE: Big Oil, Big Banks, and Big Supermarkets from robbing the people with a price marker.

Send your ideas and help to: PEOPLE POWER PRICE CONTROL, 2201 Southern Shade Blvd. Knoxville, Tennessee 37932  Jim Carroll 865-470-2610

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