If you are ashamed of being a republican, now would be the best of all times to change. Your Great-Great Grand-Parents would not turn over in their graves. YOU WOULD GET A GREAT BIG SMILE. There is a good felling about being for something, instead of being for nothing. I know. I was once a republican.

Republicans believe that the Government should be run like a business. The government is not a business, and it can not be run like one. Republicans believes that the government’s debt is like their own. Article 1. Section 8, of the Constitution gives the Federal Government three powers to raise money: taxation, borrowing money and the power to print and coin money and determine its value. The individual person has no such power. The Government needs to keep a balanced money supply at all times using the three powers of the Constitution.

The thing that devalues money is not the creation of new money, but collective monopolies with a price marker moving prices up and calling the theft inflation.

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