The greatest problem facing America is EMPLOYMENT AND UNEMPLOYMENT. This problem can be PERMANENTLY solved by establishing a Reserve Retraining Work Force. Everyone would be in the regular work force or in the Reserve-Retraining Work force. All unemployment would be by choice.

It wouldn’t matter which side of the track you were born on, you would go to school free, and in some case the unemployed would get paid a living wage while going to school. Any one could go as far as their mind will let them by making passing grades. Employment offices would mean what they say: employment or education with pay.

Article 1, section 8, of the constitution has the answer to all of America’s economic problems; killing the cause is the answer to terrorism.

Congress needs to create money and by-pass the Federal Reserve, and give the money directly to the treasury department to fund the infrastructure and give money directly to the states.

When a super-majority of congress believes that the Federal Reserve is owned by the federal government, and not a private banking system, it is easy to understand why we have economic problems.

To win the war on terrorism, we need to go after terrorism with a double bladed axe. We need to use one blade to kill the terrorists and destroy their infrastructure; with the other blade, we need to go after the cause. We need to put equal weight behind each blade.

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