Why can’t the majority of each party in The House of Representatives and The Senate design any bill they wish and get an up or down vote by the whole House of Representatives and the whole Senate?

It seems to me that I do not have a vote on anything in The House of Representatives by my representative. There are 435 elected representatives, of which each represents approximately 700,000 people. Why does only Congressman John Boehner get to decide what deserve to be put to a vote or not? There is no way that you can stretch your imagination far enough to see this as being Democratic.

Since I live in a state that elects two senators as all other forty-nine states do, why does Senator Harry Reid get to decide what the Senate can or cannot vote on? Who can see far enough to see any Democracy in that?

The House and Senate should at least allow each party to hash over their agendas and get an up or down vote by the 435 representatives, that represent all of the people on an equal basis, in the House of Representatives. Then also allow a vote by the 100 members of The Senate that represent all of the people on an unequal basis; this should be allowed since all of the states have 2 Senator regardless of the state’s population.

Why don’t we practice Democracy in America before we try to sell it to the rest of the world? We seem to get upset at countries, like Egypt, who can’t install Democracy in one day when we haven’t been able to do it in over two hundred years.

Why doesn’t America stop being a nation of bull-shitters and start practicing Democracy?

Article 1, Section 8, of the Constitution has the answer to all of America’s economic problems.

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