Philosophy of Mixturism

Mixturism is a mixing of private and public enterprise in any activity of a socio-economic system without any fixed ratio so that the needs of all people in the society can be met and progress promoted for all the people.  The mixing of private and public enterprise, or the partnership of private and public enterprise, can solve all economic problems for people.

If public enterprise can do a better job than private enterprise in any area of endeavor, then let public enterprise do the job.  When private enterprise can do a better job than public enterprise, then public enterprise must give way to private enterprise.

When neither private nor public enterprise by itself can fill the vacuum that exists in economic development, then private and public enterprise must form a partnership to fill the vacuum.  Meeting the needs of all the people must be the determining factor as to which enterprise, private, public or joint private and public enterprise is used.

The idea that the use of one economic system can meet the needs of all the people is absurd.  In order to encompass the different abilities, needs and desires of all people, economic systems must be flexible.

Mixturism unlike other “isms,” does not put people into straightjackets as they try to solve their economic problems.  Other “isms” allow for only certain methods to be used in solving problems and limit the number of solutions acceptable to the “isms.”

In mixturism, the solution to the problem is deemed more important than the method used to find the solution or the method by which the solution is put into operation.

The use of Mixturism would not destroy any system that presently exists, but would call for the use of what is good in all systems in order to solve problems.

Mixturism would inject enough private enterprise into those economic systems which do not primarily use private enterprise in order to provide incentives that are needed to motivate people to develop their economy  for their own benefit, as well as for the benefit of all people.

The chief goal of people is to live their duration on earth in the “best possible fashion.” Progress, or achievement of the “best possible fashion,” is anything, which leads to every person having the best of all goods, and services that are needed for quality living.

Governments have three main functions: First, to guarantee the rights and freedoms of its people; second, to provide a political and economic system whereby the people can have quality living; and third, provide their part of a UN peace keeping force strong enough to guarantee peach on earth.

Any government, which does not guarantee its people the means to obtain jobs at wages high enough for quality living, has fallen short off its duty to its people.  Through the philosophy of Mixturism and the understanding of Nature’s Basic Law of Economics, a government can provide and guarantee quality living for all its people by creating a Reserve-Retraining Work Force which would eliminate unemployment. The question that must be asked: are there people resources and natural resources available to produce goods and services? If the answer is yes, governments or private enterprises must produce the capital that is needed to bring together these resources so the goods and services needed and desired can be produced. Article 1, Section 8, of the Constitution gives Congress the power it needs to by-pass the Federal Reserve (a private banking system) and create the money the Government needs, without out borrowing money. All people live today, not some times in the future. Why should any percentage of the people have to wait for better economic times just to have the 30 essentials for living when it would be so easy?

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