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17 Commandments Not from Heaven but from Earth

Nature’s Basic Law of Economics

Utopia Now

The Problem with Public Education is Administrative

Three Steps to Success

1100 Powerful Words


MIXTURISM the book
The rational economic, ethical and political philosophy for the 21st century and beyond. My Vision for the 21st Century and Beyond. You can help produce an instant mindset change that will bring a lasting era of peace and prosperity by ordering the book MIXTURISM to find and promote the ideas that will rule the 21st century and beyond.

Mixturism $9.95

Table of Contents

  • Interdependency
  • Mixturism
  • Nature’s Basic Law of Economics
  • The Real Wealth of a Nation
  • Inflation: Euphemism for Theft
  • Reform the Federal Reserve
  • A Mythical Pile of Money
  • A Fair, Simple, Graduated Tax System for Individuals and Businesses
  • Social Security
  • The Stock Markets
  • Cabinet Department of Consumerism
  • What You Should Know About Interest Rates
  • Free Market
  • How to Solve the Problem of Welfare and Unemployment
  • Solution for Public Education Problems
  • Universal Health Care Plan
  • A Home for Everyone
  • Population and Pollution
  • Prison Reform
  • The United Nations
  • The Free Press in Politics
  • A View of Religion and Government
  • Summarizing Theses of the Mixturist Philosophy
  • Guidelines for a Rational Ethical Society
  • The Five-Finger Agenda™
  • About the Author
  • The Inaugural Address of 2001

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