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McGuffey’s Readers in Paperback
Old Blue Back Speller
Words Every Good Reader Knows
1100 Powerful Words
The Problem with Public Education is Administrative
Three Steps to Success

McGuffey’s Readers

These books were the backbone of the famous three R’s. Many private schools are turning to the teaching methods that McGuffey’s utilized with startling results. These books are ideal for the home schooling community. The methods that McGuffey’s presented in 1836 are still valid today. Teach your child how to read from a proven system. The McGuffey’s Readers were first published in 1836 and have been continuously published, in many editions, since that date. This set is in a large, easy to handle 8 1/2″ X 11″ size. Paperback.
Primer $8.95

First Reader $8.95

Second Reader $8.95

Third Reader $9.95

Fourth Reader $9.95

Fifth Reader $9.95

Sixth Reader $9.95

McGuffey Speller $9.95

Complete Set: Primer thru Sixth plus spelling book $62.50

Old Blue Back Speller

National Paperback Books has reprinted the original Noah Webster’s Old Blue Back Speller in paperback, great for use by students and adults. Become a master speller, essential to success in today’s competitive world. This book is a complete system of spelling elements for learning or teaching the language. Widely used by teachers and parents. A training must for spelling bees.

Cover price: $8.95

Words Every Good Reader Knows

Now at last, parents are no longer helpless when it comes to assuring that their children learn to read! Don’t rely on anyone else. This remarkable bestseller makes reading simple. No need to wonder which of the more than 500,000 words in the English language to teach your child. After 10 years of research by an experienced linguist working with students from preschool to junior college, this small word list of better than 90% of the words we use every day is now available in Words Every Good Reader Knows. There are two basic reason why public schools fail to teach our children to read:

  • Most teachers do not have the time or the patience to review the same words over and over with the child until the words are learned.
  • The public schools do not make available to the parents selected grade level word lists so that they will know which words their child should learn.

By using the selected grade level word lists in Words Every Good Reader Knows, you can go over the words as many times as necessary so that your child will learn them. Just select a word list by the grade level, see and say the word to your child as you point out the word, and have your child see and say it back to you. You may even use flash cards. Everything you need is here! Also excellent for adult special education, remedial, and foreign language programs. Complete instructions are includes for use with all ages. Determine if your child knows how to read by using Words Every Good Reader Knows. Grade levels: 1-6.

Cover price: $9.95

1100 Powerful Words

Social and business success go hand in hand. Good speakers, writers and conversationalists are made, not born. This book is the most compact word guide available, with easy-to-learn definitions. Why spend hours wading through unnecessary tests and examples when only a few minutes a day can increase your word power. Words are powerful things; they truly do move mountains. Begin today to increase your word power and start your rise to the top. Here, in 1100 Powerful Words, are the words anyone can learn who wants to climb the ladder of success — these are the small body of words that all successful people seem to know.

Cover Price: $7.95

The Problem with Public Education is Administrative

What’s wrong with American education? How are tax dollars being wasted? Is the problem the teachers? The students? The textbooks? The answers may surprise you. Sound solutions to the American educational mess. Many of these solutions can be in use in your child’s school within a week! Many have already been implemented in school systems across the country. One of our educational bestsellers. Read how to make American education our ticket to success instead of a national disgrace. Then make a difference.

Cover price: $3.95

Three Steps to Success

Objective, Plan, Action! 3 Steps to Success offers a simple, direct approach to reaching goals. If you know what you want and have a burning desire to get it, when these “steps” are blended with twenty-five ingredients success can easily be obtained. Excellent for use with sales force training or as a personal manual for success. By the time you finish reading 3 Steps to Success you will have everything you need to turn your burning desire into reality.

3 Steps to Success $7.95