THREE CLASSES OF PEOPLE IN AMERICA: POOR CLASS, MIDDLE CLASS, AND THE RICH CLASS. The Rich Class has control of all the money, the means of production and distribution. The Middle Class usually has a job, a nice one of everything and struggles to keep their head above water. The poor class has the poor paying jobs and all the dirty work and fills the rolls of the unemployed, and the homeless. The Poor Class has no one to represent them. Politicians do not even talk about them as thou they do not even exist. The Poor Class are the under $15.00 per hour worker that works at Walmarts, Best Buys, Walgreens, CVS, Penny, Sears, McDonalds, Family Dollar, Dollar General, and the Super Markets, Service Stations and the Convenient Markets; etc., and the millions who are unemployed, disable, homeless and a lot the of retired. The Poor Class is the majority class with the least amount of wealth and no representation.

The wealth is hoard by the Rich Class. The Rich Class and the Federal Government have a responsibility to see that the Poor Class always have a job and health care by creating a Reserve-Retraining Work Force so no one will every be unemployed, unless they want to be unemployed. The rich isn’t smart enough to know that if they pay more taxes, the poor will spend it; and they will get it back with a profit. Money always returns to those who own the means of production and distribution.

Article 1, Section 8, of the Constitution gives Congress three power to balance the budget. They do not have to take food off the tables and bottles out of babies mouths to pay the Government bills.They should
be increasing Government spending, rather than reducing it. But what else can you expect from the Tea, Republican, “Jungle Bunny” Party! They are the epitome of ignorance.

The Constitution call for an economy system of public and private enterprise, The Philosophy of Mixturism, and Nature’s Basic Law of Economics. It doesn’t call for an Uncontrolled Free Market Capitalist System of Wall Street. The philosophy of Mixturism and Nature’s Basic Law of Economics will produce the greatest wealth for all three classes of Americans.

America is a Republic. Sovereign power is vested in representatives elected by the rich. The Poor Class has the numbers to elect the representatives. They need to get the attention of the rich and their elected representatives by taking to the streets where the rich live with an army of tin cups. The rich hide from the face of the poor in their rich neighborhoods along with their rich elected representatives. Copy this message and send it where ever you can, and visit the Internet Free press for more.You help me, and we will make America a great place for all to live, which will include the Poor Class.

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