Article one of the Constitution clearly states that: Congress shall make No law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof. What more respect could Congress show religion by making it exempt from paying taxes?

The Catholic Church owns over a Trillion dollars of property that it pays no taxes on. Its members can give up to 10 % of their income to the church and deduct it from their taxes. Every tax payer has to pay more because churches pay none whether they are religious or not. A lot of people would like to have the respect that Congress gives to religion with respect to taxes.

The Mormon Church spends billions of dollars on building Mormon Temples where you can go and get baptized for the dead, but only Mormons who have paid 10 % of their gross income to the Mormon Church can get in a Mormon Temple unless they lie about it. All successful cults have successful ways of collecting money.  Moses and Joseph Smith were great teachers on how to collect. Moses collected  livestock and burned a few so God could enjoy the smell. Joseph Smith built Temples and charged 10 percent of gross income in order to visit and get all the blessing of a visit.

I am not opposed to religion except when the idiot son of Billy Graham or his kind put their noses where they don’t belong, or they say stupid thing like Rick Santorum and the Catholic Church. Franklin’s Father had the good sense to stay on message, even though, we all knew he was a republican. All religions should take a page out of Billy’s book, or be willing to debate religion with Bill Maher.

All other religions get the same tax treatment. Ask your friends to visit the Internet Free Press.

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