The resolution should state: The President of the United States has the authority to continue to run the government at the same amount as last year’s budget plus the increase in the greed index (called inflation.)

We cannot afford to ever let the Republican terrorists of Congress shut down the government.

President Bush did not let the 9/11 terrorists shut down the government; nor did President Obama allow the Boston terrorists to shut down the government.

If the Republican Tea Party terrorists are successful in shutting down the government, President Obama should declare Marshall Law. Then he should dismiss the House of Representatives and hold new elections. He should do all of this while continuing to run the government on the same amount as last year’s budget plus the greed index.

Getting impeached for an honorable cause would be worth it if it were the only way to prevent the destruction of the economy.

Ignorance is no excuse for elected Republican Tea Party terrorists, whose aim is to destroy the Federal Government.
America has great governments from the City, County, State, and Federal Government. All of these governments have led America out of the wilderness to where we are now thus far. We need to continue this journey and not let it be disrupted by Republican Tea Party terrorists.

Article 1, Section 8, of the Constitution has the answer to all of America’s economic problems; killing the cause is the answer to terrorism.

Congress needs to create money and by-pass the Federal Reserve, and give the money directly to the Treasury Department to fund the infrastructure and give money directly to the states.

When a super-majority of Congress believes that the Federal Reserve is owned by the Federal Government, and not a private banking system, it is easy to understand why we have economic problems.

To win the war on terrorism, we need to go after terrorism with a double bladed axe. We need to use one blade to kill the terrorist and destroy their infrastructure; with the other blade, we need to go after the cause. We need to put equal weight behind each blade. And this also includes the Republican Tea Party Terrorists, whose aim is to destroy the Federal Government. We need to destroy these Republican Tea Party Terrorists with criticism and at the ballot box.

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