Editor-Publisher, Jim Carroll, is a graduate of East Tennessee State University, post graduate work at E.T.S.U. and U.T. Served in the Air force. Started career as a chemist Oak Ridge, Tennessee. Taught Science and Industrial Arts for 25 years. Publisher of 6 News Papers and the second largest Cable TV publication in USA. Been president of several corporations.

Author of Nature’s Basic Law of Economics, The Philosophy of Mixturism, Born Out of The Sun, Three Steps to Success, Utopia Now, Why We Dream, Words Every Good Reader Knows, Be sure Your Child Learns to Read, 1100 Powerful Words, The Problem with Public Education Is Administrative, and several science books. Produced over 100 DVDs on Science, Math; etc.

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  1. I am a Taxed Enough Already conservative republican. I am not evil or greedy or rich. I am compassionate toward ANY person in need of anything and I contribute to free market enterprises (think religious) that help but I agree with you that is not enough. Until we defeat liberalism in this country we will always have an underclass that is uneducated, lazy, in a government line for anything, and NOT GOING to do anything for themselves. You write about the people who don’t work voluntarily. That is exactly what is wrong with your views for Utopia. Until you get rid of that sense of entitlement there is no way to prosper even in your Utopia. Liberalism has failed every time it is tried. Even if we print “coin” and regulate it’s value and send it all to the right places you want it will never do anything but make the problem worse UNTIL the nanny state is ended. Then your ideas and opinions on how to manage America might work.
    Telling Obama what should be done is a losing battle. He listens to no one. Don’t bother him, he’s on the golf course.
    Look forward to your response,
    A past and future customer of your business on Schaad Rd

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