Bob knows how to sell a book. Just throw the republicans some red meat. Bob is always down in the garage talking to ‘deep throat.’ He is some what like the country singer, Roy Acuff, who wrote the “Great Speckled Bird”and rode on its wings for sixty years.


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Governments are not businesses, and they shouldn’t be run like one. Any person who thinks that governments should be run like a business is not qualified to be President. Governments are not in business to make a profit. All governments at local, state and federal do is mail or wire money that businesses get one way or another and makes a profit on it. Governments do not compete with business. There are no Walmarts owned by  governments or factories that makes tanks and airplanes. They own no supermarkets, banks or oil corporations. Governments provide the infrastructure so businesses can start and be successful. Thanks to governments, the best friend that business has.

What kind of economic shape would the country be in if it were not for the 72 million checks that governments mail or wire into bank accounts every month that fuel the economy? Businesses get the money.

The Constitution call for a Government of Mixturism: public and private enterprise–businesses and governments working together in order to meet the needs and desires of all–not just private enterprise running wild without any controls or regulations.

The last kind of a person America needs to be President is a vulture capitalist. visit the Internet Free Press. Put this message on Face Book, Twitter and Email it to every one you can.


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